April 30, 2009

Grankful Thursday

My former pastor's wife, Linn, is the one who began the tradition of Thankful Thursday. But today, she wrote a post about the difference between being grateful and thankful, and decided she'd like to emphasize both.

I'd like to believe that I have solved the problem.

Grateful + Thankful = Grankful

Today I am grankful...

...for the Compassion group in India, and that they have taken time every day to write and remind us with real-time photos and stories of the significant difference $32 a month can make.

...that not only do I have ONE steady job, but the option of a second one if I turn the first one down. I don't take that lightly in today's economy.

...for those irreplaceable moments lying in bed with Matt laughing our heads off.

...for friendships that are 98% enjoyment, and a rare 2% disagreement.

...that I can take a nap after I finish writing this.

...that someone, somewhere in this world is enjoying some sunshine.

...that exactly 2 weeks from today we'll be kissing Missoula goodbye and flying straight to Costa Rica!

What are you grankful for today?

For those of you who have left comments... THANK YOU! I thoroughly enjoy each one!

1 comment:

  1. Grankful...I would have never thought of that.

    I am Grankful for....

    The way that God works to make a difficult situation....easy and a great relief.

    A beautiful home that I love. (thank you Lord)

    A job that makes me laugh hysterically almost everyday.

    Ice Cream...Yum

    Velma..the 7 year old girl that I sponsored today through Compassion International.

    Our Beth Moore study on Esther that has opened my eyes and has given me a hunger to dig a little deeper.

    Our amazing friends Matt & Sara..no need to say more.

    Good hair days.

    The wisdom of other women that allows me to grow and see things from a different perspective.

    Music that makes me want to dance or fall on me knees and worship God.

    Have a Grankful Day,