March 20, 2009

Umm, Yeee-ah. About That.

My irritation level just hit the milky way. So I mentioned in passing that jars and bottles that require The Arnold's arms really, really, really... tick me off. Now, when I said "jars" and "bottles" I should clarify that I really meant Vitamin Water. And I'm actually refraining from using Christian profanity, although I have to confess that my anger this morning did involve the use of the word "flippin'"... and might have been followed by other colorful choice Christian words.
I mean, what is the deal?? Every dadgum-single-isolated-time that I go to open a Vitamin Water bottle, I heave and I twist and I get a red face and... NOTHING. It doesn't budge. Exaggerate I do not when I say that this morning my arms were sore after all my attempts. Okay, I'm sorry, but that's ridiculous. And I don't know who Vitamin Water thinks he is, but he obviously didn't know that he just met the most stubborn woman on the planet when it comes to triumph and victory. Let's just leave it at - I did get it opened... at the expense of all my joy and happiness for the day.
On a happier note, I'm trying a brand-spankin'-new recipe tonight, courtesy of my co-worker, Robyn. It's called BBQ Pork Ribs. For those of you who have not heard of it, it involves BBQ sauce and pork ribs. Scrum-dittily-umptious. I'll let everyone know how it turned out.
How about you - anything in your life that sends you over the edge? How about a great recipe?


  1. In my head I can actually see you getting so angry about the Vitamin Water...I just wonder if they feel that they need that much security in a lid. I have had a week of irritations. To isolate one would be just about impossible. Your BBQ ribs sound amazing...Care to share the recipe?

  2. Loves, I will always open those vitamin waters for you. Also those ribs changed my life. I think for future generations they shall be known as "Mcnutts Ribs" and whenever family members think barbaque they think of the "Mcnutts Ribs"

  3. Maybe if you took some vitamins along with the vitamin water you would become a super woman and be able to open the bottle. Maybe that's the point of it all ... to show you how much you need the vitamins and fortitude found in the vitamin water you can't get to.