March 23, 2009

I'm sick, I know. I'm sorry.

Many of you already know that I work for the airlines, and as a result, I fly a lot. Now, I'm pretty easily self-contained and stick to my own world. I bring my book and I'm lost in Sara-landia for the duration of the flight. But this morning, as our flight taxied on the runway out of Missoula, I had a moment of supreme boredom. And I kid you not, this is what passed through my head:
I wish somebody would just flip out right now and start screaming and calling for help. That would provide me with some mild entertainment for a few minutes.
Like I said, I'm sick and I'm sorry.

1 comment:

  1. Sarah,
    I had NO idea you had a blog...just wanted to stop by and say "hey"...I found you thru anothers..

    I mentioned your blog in mine that I am writing for today...(still working on it)...

    ANyway, Your fantasy (for lack of a better word) has me laughing as I type. Let's just say Miss Sarah, that I pray that that never happens on one of my flights - I would be the next one that would be flipping out calling for help - "open the doors and let me out"...

    You are too funny!!

    Miss you! Love, Linny