October 01, 2008

New England in the Fall

Matt and I are in Boston right now, heading back home tomorrow morning. We took a trip to New England for my birthday and have had an absolutely wonderful time. We flew into Boston and drove immediately to Kennebunkport, ME, which is such a cute little coastal town. It feels like you go back in time and you can just imagine the Revolutionaries! We had my birthday dinner at a place called Federal Jack's, right on the water, and they brought out me out a dessert with a sparkler on top! It was two other people's birthdays that night too! The next day we drove along the coast to Portland, ME and over to New Hampshire. We shopped at the best outlet mall ever in North Conway, our next town on the list to move to! Seriously. We pretty much loved everything about it. We then drove through the White Mountain National Forest to Whitefield, NH (named after George Whitfield, the evangelist) where we stayed at The Lion and The Rose B & B. Can I just say I never wanted to leave?? We had the Egyptian room, which featured a 4 poster king-size bed with a two-person Jacuzzi tub at the foot of it, and a gas fireplace and two pedestal sinks and a two-person shower, all followed up with a home-cooked breakfast in the morning by candelight around an antique table and with people from all over the world. It was absolutely amazing! My husband completely planned it out too... he's completely amazing!
Today we drove from Whitefield up and over to Vermont, where the fall foliage was in PEAK season. It literally looked like the mountain had been painted and/or like it was full of red, orange and yellow bushy popsicles. Either one... We drove down back through NH and into Massachussetts, and into the worst Bostonian traffic you've ever seen. Have I mentioned that Bostonians are not known for being polite? It took us an hour just to go a few miles. And our hotel tonight is literally in the heart of downtown Boston, so Matt nearly had an anxiety attack just trying to get around. We eventually decided to drop our rental car off a day early, and take the T, their subway station, into downtown and into the coolest downtown mall and food and shopping area you've ever seen! So much fun! Although Matt did not enjoy the street violin player demanding him to put money into his box (we were just walking by, we didn't even stop!). So now we're back at our hotel and will fly back to Missoula in the morning.
I think before you die, you must see New England in the fall. Reba McEntire was not lying (or whoever sang about it... was there a song about it? Okay, if not, there should be...).