August 26, 2008

Blog world

I am finally creating my own blog site, after years (okay, maybe not years) of being on the outside looking in... feels good, feels good... thanks for the acceptance, blog world. (I've written "blog" so many times, it looks like it's spelled incorrectly now...)
So today is Matt's birthday, and I have been thinking about him all day. What an incredible husband and best friend I have. I have prayed since before we were married that the Lord would make our marriage a ministry, and it's been wonderful to see it happen; I believe in large part to Matt's leadership. Matt and I feel very strongly that may the Lord remove us from ministry or any kind of ministry standing before we have a marriage and home life that's inconsistent with what we proclaim to believe. Not that we are perfect but that we together would daily seek to live lives that are pleasing to the Lord.
I cannot believe that we've been in Montana over a year now! It's been so fun to look back and reflect on the first few months here, when we were pretty sure that we'd made a huge mistake in moving here. I can't even imagine feeling that way now! We've made lifelong friends that are truly close, no pretense and the ability to be completely ourselves. We have an amazing church that truly puts Christ first, and seeks to build a church pleasing to Him, with deep roots in God's Word. I could go on and on...
Well, I will continue to post, and keep everyone abreast of our happenings here.


  1. Hey,

    It's good to see you in the blogging world! I'm glad to hear you guys are doing well up there. God truly is using you two to further His kingdom in incredible ways.

    My dad and I will actually be in Grand Teton to visit Charlie this weekend. I tried to see if we could maybe make a "side-trip;" don't think it's gonna work, though.

    Look forward to hearing more from you guys.

    In Him,



    You are a blogger.